A Tragic Motorcycle Accident Reminds Us of the Importance of Wearing a Helmet

December 11, 2017
A Tragic Motorcycle Accident Reminds Us of the Importance of Wearing a Helmet

Feeling the cool air on your face and the sun shining, riding your motorcycle can make any day one to remember. Biking is more for the warmer weather months, but sometimes bikers are out in Winter months as well. With winter conditions approaching and the sun setting earlier in the day we need to be more cautious when traveling on the road.

Operating a motorcycle takes a different skill than driving a car. Motorcyclists are fully exposed causing them to be more vulnerable in an accident. That is why it is important for motorcyclists to always wear a helmet, reflective gear, and proper clothing to reduce their risk of injury.

Each year thousands of motorcyclists are involved in accidents, many causing serious injury and even fatal injuries. Deaths involving a motorcyclist occurred 27x more frequently than fatalities involving any other vehicles.

A recent fatal accident involving a motorcyclist reminds us of the importance of sharing the road properly and wearing a helmet. The motorcycle was traveling southbound on Memorial Drive when a driver struck him and left the scene.

The motorcyclist who was not wearing a helmet was transferred to a nearby hospital with fatal injuries.

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When out riding please remember these motorcycle safety tips.

  • Wear the proper gear – with temperatures dropping it is important to wear the correct gear in a layering fashion. Make sure to always wear a properly fitting helmet, protective eyewear, and lots of layers.
  • Where a Helmet – Even though it is not the law, it is much safer to wear an approved bike helmet. Too many bikers suffer traumatic brain injuries, why take the risk?
  • Be cautious of road conditions – when traveling after rain or snow be cautious of slick roads; Be cautious of cracks on the road as well as black ice; both are hard to see but extremely dangerous to motorcyclists.
  • Increase your visibility & space – always give yourself the proper distance between other motorists and make sure to increase your visibility by looking further down the road for potential hazards.

Be sure to ride safe, and layer up for the colder months and always wear a helmet!

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