Are you a Victim of a Faulty Metal on Metal Hip Replacement?

September 10, 2014
Are you a Victim of a Faulty Metal on Metal Hip Replacement?

Did you know that more than 285,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed each year in the United States?  People suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, and the elderly often decide to get a hip replacement to help ease their pain. However, sometimes patients end up in more pain because of complications with their new metal on the metal joint.

As medical technology continues to grow and evolve many people decide to get hip replacements, and instead of improving their health, they are left with more medical issues.

Oftentimes people who choose surgery are seeking an end to their pain.  A patient who chooses to get hip replacement surgery is hoping that their quality of life will improve.  Instead, they are left with more medical issues and more pain.  In the case of metal on metal hip replacements, the metal on metal contact leads to erosion.  This erosion can lead to a type of metal poisoning called Metallosis.

In addition to metal poisoning, patients can experience:

–          Loosening of the Implant
–          Joint Dislocation
–          A Squeaky Hip
–          Severe Joint Pain
–          Deterioration of Bone Surrounding Implant

Recently the FDA has recalled several medical devise products used for Metal on Metal hip replacements. The main model types recalled by their manufacturers are:

Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II
Depuy Pinnacle w/ metal liner
Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and R3 Acetabular System
Wright Conserve Cup
Zimmer Durom Cup

If you have a hip implant made by any of the above manufacturers you will likely need revision surgery. You should immediately check with your treating physician and inquire about being tested for metal ions.  Navigating this process is complicated. It is important to have an experienced lawyer to help you.  At Graves McLain, we understand these claims and can guide you through this horrible experience.

The designers, manufacturers, distributors, and resellers of these defective products and goods must be held accountable for the damage and pain they cause to you, a family member, or a loved one.

There is No Attorneys Fee unless we Win Your Case.

The experienced, caring attorneys at Graves McLain, Tulsa injury law firm, have substantial experience in representing these often difficult, complicated cases. We have the financial resources to conduct a thorough investigation to prosecute the case through trial and appeal if necessary.

If a Metal on Metal Hip Implant Medical Device has injured you or a loved one, we may be able to help. An experienced Tulsa Oklahoma attorney will review the details of your case and determine the best course of action.

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