Attorney Rachel Gusman Visits Good Day Tulsa to Discuss Summer Driving Safety

July 19, 2019
Attorney Rachel Gusman Visits Good Day Tulsa to Discuss Summer Driving Safety

Nearly 100 million Americans use the summer as a prime time to take a vacation, and about half of them get in the car for a road trip. Between the increased traffic volume and the warm weather, there are plenty of things to keep in mind when traveling over the summer.

Attorney Rachel Gusman of Graves McLain appeared on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa program on July 18th to discuss summer driving safety tips. Watch the video:

There are steps travelers can take to help avoid a vehicle-related vacation disaster. Making sure your car is in good repair and ready to hit the road is critical. Some things to keep in mind when taking a road trip:

  • The air in tires can expand when the weather is hot, which can cause a blowout. Check tire pressure on a regular basis, keep a spare tire in the car, and replace tires when necessary.
  • Engines can easily overheat in warm weather. Be sure to maintain your engine properly by getting regular oil changes and by checking the coolant, hoses, and belts periodically.
  • Construction zones tend to pop up in the summer. Be aware of roadblocks and traffic jams, and always obey posted speed limits. Or, find alternate routes to avoid these areas altogether.

Another thing to consider when taking a road trip with the family is child safety. Remember to follow these rules when kids are in or around vehicles:

  • Never leave children alone in a car, even if the air conditioning is running. Temperatures can rise to deadly levels very quickly.
  • Kids under 13 should always ride in the back seat.
  • Car seats and booster seats should be properly sized for your child and installed correctly. You can find a location to have your safety seat checked here.

Following these tips will help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip. Graves McLain wishes everyone a wonderful summer free of accidents and injuries.

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