Be Sure To Discuss These School Safety Tips With Your Kids to Start The Year Off Right!

August 11, 2017
Be Sure To Discuss These School Safety Tips With Your Kids to Start The Year Off Right!

The start of a new school year is rapidly approaching and we are all preparing, getting backpacks and school supplies ready. Parents, teacher’s faculty and students throughout Tulsa begin to prepare for a new school year.

An important thing to remember as you prepare your children for their first day of school is that safety guidelines should be discussed. Whether your kids ride the bus, carpool, walk with friends or ride a bike, there are important safety tips to keep in mind.

Driving In a School Zone

  • In school zones always remember to slow down, look out for school zone signals and always obey the speed limits.
  • Never text while driving, pass other vehicles or change lanes in a school zone.
  • Always be sure to stop for school buses and watch for children near schools, bus stops, and sidewalks, in the parking lot and around the streets.

When Riding Your Bike To School

  • When riding your bike make sure to check with your school to make sure your child is allowed to bike.
  • Make sure your child is properly dressed and always wears a helmet.
  • Remember to follow the rules of the road and try to stay on the right-hand side.

For Walkers

  • If you walk to school give yourself extra time to arrive on time.
  • Use the same route daily and never wander after school always go straight home.
  • Try to walk with a group of students and make sure to always stay on the sidewalks.
  • Make sure to only cross streets at designated locations.
  • Never talk to strangers. A stranger is someone that you do not know.

If You Ride The Bus

  • If you are riding the bus make sure to arrive at the designated bus stop early.
  • Never play in the street or wander away from the stop.
  • Do not shout or distract the bus driver, always stay seated and keep your head and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Never walk behind or in front of a bus.

At Graves McLain, Tulsa Personal Injury law firm, we want to wish every Tulsa-area student the best of luck during the upcoming school year. Our attorneys and staff would also like to remind everyone to stay safe and be responsible when walking, biking or driving to school.

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