Child Injuries in the Home on the Rise

July 30, 2020
Child Injuries in the Home on the Rise

On Tuesday, July 28th, Attorney Chad McLain of Graves McLain appeared via Skype on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa program to discuss the recent uptick of child injuries sustained at home. Watch the segment:

In March, Oklahoma, like many other states, issued a “safer-at-home” order, which encouraged residents to stay home. Many workplaces went virtual, and schools closed and went to an online model. While these restrictions have started to ease, social distancing and largely staying home is still strongly recommended.

Parents trying to work from home are finding it difficult to accomplish work-related tasks while fully supervising children, understandably. The result of this very difficult scenario is that injuries sustained by children in the home are on the rise. Fractures and accidental poisonings are the main types of these injuries.

A recent study showed that fractures among children that occur in the home are up by 25% since the beginning of the pandemic. The majority of the injuries that doctors are seeing are related to trampolines and bicycles. Kids are looking to burn some energy and those are activities they can do at home. Parents can help mitigate the risk by ensuring that children always have appropriate protective gear (for example, a helmet and knee and elbow pads for biking), and by providing close supervision when these activities are taking place.

Accidental poisoning is another type of home injury that is on the rise. The CDC reports a 20% increase in the number of poison control centers from January through March of this year. With more cleaning supplies and disinfectants brought into the home to help combat the virus, there are more potentially dangerous items accessible to children. These can range from hand santizer to laundry detergent pods and much more. The best way to avoid these accidents is to always keep all cleaning supplies and disinfecting products well out of the reach of children, in a secured location. It is also a good idea to keep the number for the National Poison Control Center handy – 800-222-1222.

One of the best ways to help avoid these accidents and keep kids safe is to establish (and stick to) a daily routine. Having a schedule can help avoid boredom, when kids start to look for things to do and there is the potential for injury. Dedicated times for meals, schoolwork, play, and breaks help children structure their day and know what to expect.

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