Construction Sites Pose Serious Risks for Workers

July 25, 2014
Construction Sites Pose Serious Risks for Workers

Construction accidents happen every day and workers need to take every precaution possible to stay safe. With so many different types of work and construction occurring simultaneously, accidents can easily happen.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were 4,175 workers killed on the job in 2012; 806 of them worked in construction.

The most common causes of death on construction sites are:

–          Falls
–          Struck by object
–          Electrocutions
–          Being caught and pinned between objects
–          Scaffolding accidents
–          Explosions

There is heavy equipment, large machinery, and deafening loud noise on most construction sites. Even if every precaution is taken, one cannot guarantee a safe work environment.

Every day, construction workers take risks and serious injuries can arise from another’s negligent acts. The fact is, accidents happen. And when an accident happens on a construction site, that causes you or a loved one injury, you can take action to seek damages. The construction accident attorneys at Graves McLain see all too often construction site accidents resulting in serious injury and wrongful death.

The serious injury or wrongful death of a loved one can be devastating psychologically, emotionally, and financially for those left behind. Many times the loss is due to the negligent acts of another.

Recently, the family of a woman killed in a construction accident filed a wrongful death suit in Tulsa County Court.  Investigators said a dump truck backed over Eri Hernandez while she worked in a construction zone.  The family is suing the driver of the truck that hit her, the employer of the driver that hit her, her own employer, and the prime contractor on the project.

These types of claims are very complicated and require the experience of a law firm that has handled many types of serious injury and wrongful death cases. At Graves McLain, Tulsa construction Accident lawyers, we will fight to protect your rights after a construction-related accident.

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