Distracted Driving

September 11, 2012
Distracted Driving

Take a step back if you find yourself guilty of any of these personal crimes. Be aware of your surroundings both inside and outside of the car and help us make our community safer.

When Driving…make sure you’re not a Distracted Driver. 

– Don’t eat behind the wheel.  While it is important to practice the golden rule of eating three meals a day, avoid doing it while behind the wheel. Spilling a hot beverage, a slippery smear on the steering wheel, or sudden choking can all be the cause of a serious car accident.

– Don’t use your cell phone or portable device behind the wheel.  Taking your eyes off of the road to check a text message or switch a song on an iPod feels like it takes only a few seconds; but when you are driving a car, every second counts. A two-second decision can critically impact your life or the life of an innocent bystander or other drivers.

– Do focus on the road, not the passengers in your car.  In our fast-paced world, between soccer, swimming, and dance recitals, the pressure to be on time can lead to a lack of focus while transporting our kids from one place to the next. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes to tie shoes, comb hair, and get fully dressed before you get on the road. This will help you, as a parent and driver of precious cargo, to be able to fully focus on the road.

– Don’t reach for things. Reaching into a bag or purse, brushing your hair, putting on lipstick, loud music, wearing earplugs or an elevated emotional state can all lead to distracted driving. When behind the wheel, stay focused; keep your eyes on the road.

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