Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Crash After Ignoring Stop Sign

January 30, 2015
Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Crash After Ignoring Stop Sign

Police arrested a Mounds, Oklahoma resident early Sunday morning due to his involvement in a fatal car accident in Glenpool. Tulsa Police announced that they responded to an accident at around 12:40 am on Sunday, January 25th at the intersection of U.S Route 75 and 181st St. One driver was arrested at the scene and charged with failing to stop at a posted stop sign, vehicular manslaughter and Driving Under the Influence of alcohol.

Police say the intoxicated motorist was driving his GMC Yukon SUV west on 181st Street when he ran a stop sign at U.S 75. The driver then continued into the intersection, where he struck the passenger side of a Dodge Charger traveling north on the highway. Tragically, the passenger in the vehicle was fatally injured at the scene, and the driver suffered as of yet undisclosed injuries. Police reported that the intoxicated driver did not suffer any injuries from the collision, but had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and failed a sobriety test at the scene of the accident.

Unfortunately, drunk driving remains a major problem in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office recently released their 2013 statistics on accidents involving drunk drivers, and while some of the data is encouraging, there is still much work that must be done.

  • Oklahoma Alcohol-Related Auto Accidents:
    • 2012- 4,291
    • 2013- 3,825
  • Oklahoma Alcohol-Related Auto Accident Injuries:
    • 2012- 3,153
    • 2013- 2,696
  • Oklahoma Alcohol-Related Auto Accident Fatalities:
    • 2012- 261
    • 2013- 189

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