FDA: Updated Urgent Medical Device Recall DePuy Hip Implant – Class 1 Recall

August 5, 2013
FDA: Updated Urgent Medical Device Recall DePuy Hip Implant – Class 1 Recall

FDA: Updated Urgent Medical Device Recall DePuy Hip Implant – Class 1 Recall

As of August 1, 2013, the FDA has elevated DePuy Orthopaedics Urgent Medical Device Recall for one of its most popular hip components, the LPS Lower Extremity Dovetail Intercalary Component, to a Class 1 recall status. The Class 1 recall status is the most severe recall that the FDA can issue.

This DePuy hip implant component’s recall status was elevated because of the likelihood of severe injury and death associated with the malfunctioning device. According to the FDA, fracture and injury have a high potential to occur when the device is in use. Patients who have had this hip replacement system are urged to seek medical attention right away.

What Caused the LPS Dovetail Component Recall?

The DePuy Orthopaedics LPS Lower Extremity Dovetail Intercalary Component was designed to replace portions of either the femur bone or tibia bone in the leg. In most cases, this device is utilized for patients who have suffered extensive injury from catastrophic accidents, tumors, or infection spread.

Under the FDA recall, it is reported that the LPS Dovetail Component might fracture at the dovetail – even under everyday stress while the patient is walking. Patients who exceed 200 pounds or more are often at higher risk of a fracture or device failure. Some problems that can result from a fracture or failure include:

  • Loss of Function
  • Neurovascular Injury
  • Loss of Limb
  • Intense Pain
  • Infection
  • Mandatory Revision Surgery

LPS Dovetail Component recalls, unfortunately, do nothing to help patients who have already received the device or experienced a failure. In addition to this, recalls do not address the steps needed for affected patients to seek help for their injuries.

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