Graves McLain Announces Winner of 2018 College Scholarship Essay Program

September 24, 2018
Graves McLain Announces Winner of 2018 College Scholarship Essay Program

The staff at Graves McLain are always overjoyed to have an opportunity to help students in our community succeed. As in previous years, the Graves McLain College Scholarship Essay Program for 2018 was open to submissions from all prospective or current undergraduate students attending an accredited college or university.

This year, we were able to present our winner with a $1,000 scholarship to put toward their tuition as they pursue any field of study at an accredited college. Our topic for this year was a “Powerful Life Experience That Has Changed Your Life.”

Our Winner

This year’s winner of the Graves McLain College Scholarship Essay Program—Samantha Bloom—has long been interested in medicine and healthcare. She plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Her stated goal is to assist those in her community who are struggling to reach their full potential.

After spending several years employed by a non-profit organization, Samantha has focused on disease prevention and the impact of socioeconomic status on health. She is about to embark on two semesters of internships—and looks forward to the real-world experience of seeing how different organizations in this field operate.

Once she completes her Bachelor’s Degree, she is considering the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in the fields of Maternal and Child Health or Healthcare Administration.

Our most sincere congratulations go out to Samantha from everyone at Graves McLain. We know she will put this award to the best possible use.

Thank You to All Applicants

The staff of Graves McLain extends our thanks to every student who submitted an essay this year. All of your submissions were informative and engaging—and we know you will all have the brightest of futures.

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