Graves McLain Brings Latest Suit Against Massage Envy for Concealing Sexual Misconduct

October 22, 2018
Graves McLain Brings Latest Suit Against Massage Envy for Concealing Sexual Misconduct

With a petition filed in Tulsa County District Court, a former Tulsa resident has joined a series of nationwide lawsuits against Massage Envy. This suit alleges the company’s practices have concealed claims of employee sexual misconduct to protect their own financial interests.

An Assault Hits Close to Home

One year after she claimed a therapist at the Tulsa Hills Massage Envy sexually assaulted her, our client has filed a lawsuit against the company. Our research reveals similar sexual assault claims made against Massage Envy locations around the country dating back to 2011. The allegations suggest the problem reaches up the ranks to corporate management.

The suit claims Massage Envy’s culture reinforces the abuse of power and trust. Allegations suggest that the company has franchises that conceal sexual assault and do not report allegations to law enforcement or other authorities. Protocols encourage claims to be managed “in house,” enabling sexual assault.

A Company-Wide Epidemic

A 2017 article shows over 180 reports of sexual assault at Massage Envy locations nationwide. It details police reports, state board complaints, and lawsuits against the company, adding that massage facilities in most states have no legal obligation to report sexual assaults on their premises.

A Duty to Protect

We suggest brand protection and financial interests take priority over customer safety at Massage Envy. Massage Envy has a duty to protect against the hazards of sexual abuse—and has failed to do so. We hope that by filing this lawsuit, we can help women in similar situations—and empower them to find their own voice. Women have a right to come forward against these large institutions and be heard. Our client hopes—as do we—that her story will help end sexual assault cases like these.

We Can Help

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