How Do I Find a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer?

April 2, 2021
How Do I Find a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer?

The experience and skills of your lawyer play a significant role in the amount of compensation you receive. With this in mind, it is critical that you ask the right questions when consulting with an attorney. Doing so can make the difference between winning your case, going home with nothing, or receiving significantly less than your case is worth. When choosing a reputable lawyer who will best fight for you, there are several essential questions to ask. 

Do you get results? 

Finding a lawyer you can trust is important, but so is finding one with a good track record for solid results and outstanding customer service. For a quick reference, check the attorney’s own website to find not only accolades, publications, and testimonials but also results. If a firm does not publish their results, this may be seen as a red flag, suggesting they have not worked enough cases or have not gotten top dollar settlements on cases. When checking results, keep in mind that they are not just about the amount of money an attorney has made for clients. Experience should be considered as well. Look for an attorney who is known for his or her results throughout many years. At Graves McLain, we are upfront about our experienced team’s results. Check our recent results for yourself. 

What percentage of your cases are referrals from other lawyers? 

To know whether a personal injury lawyer is top-notch, consider asking other lawyers who practice in their community. Does a significant percentage of the lawyer’s caseload come from referrals from other lawyers? The professionals who work in the field usually know who is good. A friend who is an attorney might be a good place to start, but do not be afraid to ask an attorney for the percentage of their cases that come from referrals.    

How long have you handled personal injury cases? 

Keep in mind that not all great lawyers graduated from Ivy League schools at the top of their class. If a lawyer does not have the negotiating skills necessary to get high settlements for clients, it will not matter whether they graduated from Harvard Law or a state law school. An attorney’s experience in handling cases like yours is what matters. A lawyer with three years of experience will charge you the same fee as a lawyer with twenty years of experience and hundreds of personal injury trials under their belt.    

Some lawyers handle many different types of legal cases, including personal injury; however, if you have a serious personal injury claim, you need a lawyer who handles personal injury cases on a daily basis. Most lawyers hired by insurance companies to defend personal injury cases have extensive experience with these types of cases; therefore, it is crucial that you choose an attorney who also has extensive experience with personal injury cases. 

Do you have the financial resources to take on my case? 

Since catastrophic injury cases are complicated and extremely expensive, it is important to find an attorney who specializes in complex litigation and can advance the funds needed to pay for medical review records, medical experts, specialists, and more. Corners may be cut at the expense of a client’s case if a lawyer lacks the resources to fund it properly. 

If you accept my case and cannot settle, will you take it to trial? 

A significant percentage of personal injury lawyers have little to no jury trial experience; therefore, one of the most important questions you should ask is whether the attorney tries cases in court and how often. Personal injury lawyers know the lawyers in their field who actually try cases and those who do not. Insurance companies use this information to assess their risk. In fact, one of the first questions insurance adjusters ask related to a serious claim is, “Who is representing the plaintiff?” If the insurance company believes your lawyer is ready, willing, and able to try the case in court, this may encourage them to offer top dollar for your case settlement. When an attorney accepts your case, they take on the responsibility of protecting your interests; therefore, you have a right to know whether your attorney will take your case to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. 

Do you teach other lawyers?  

An attorney who frequently lectures at legal education seminars has the respect of their colleagues. They are requested to speak at seminars because other attorneys value what they have to say. Additionally, lawyers who write articles for legal publications are known as authorities in their field. Most personal injury lawyers will list their speaking conferences and publications on their website; however, it is reasonable to ask for an attorney’s resume. 

Are you a member of legal organizations that specialize in representing injured people? 

Some lawyers are members of national and state organizations made up of lawyers dedicated to representing injury victims. These organizations sponsor publications, promote education programs, and conduct lobbying activities for consumers’ rights. You can find a lawyer who is not part of any organization, but would you want that lawyer to represent you? 

Why Choose Graves McLain? 

With our extensive experience in personal injury claims, we are ready to do what it takes to get you a top dollar settlement. At Graves McLain, we devote all of our firm’s resources to you from the moment we take your case. To put your case in the best position and secure the best results possible, we prepare for trial from the very beginning. Our personal injury attorneys understand the complexity of specialized cases and are ready to pursue litigation aggressively if necessary.    

If you or a loved one suffers a personal injury in any type of accident due to negligence, call Graves McLain right away at 918-359-6600. When you call one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, we will speak with you for FREE and determine the best course of action. Trust our team; we are here to help.

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