How to Avoid a Rear End Collision

February 7, 2020
How to Avoid a Rear End Collision

The most common type of motor vehicle collision in the United States is a rear-end collision. Although most rear-end crashes are not life-threatening, they can result in injury and significant property damage.

Luckily, many of these types of accidents have been decreased by the advancement of crash technologies such as autonomous brake systems and warnings. As these systems become more prevalent, more and more crashes can be avoided. However, nothing can ever replace the value of an alert and attentive driver. Here are some tips for avoiding a rear-end collision.

Keep a Safe Following Distance

One of the most important things that you can do to avoid rear-end collisions is to maintain a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you and your car. A safe following distance is one that would allow you to brake and stop safely without colliding with the car in front of you.

Safety experts recommend using the three-second rule to determine whether or not you are at a safe following distance. To do so, look at an object such as a tree or sign, and count to three. If you can get to the count of three between the time the car in front of you passes it and prior to your passing of the object, you are at a safe distance. 

Account for Inclement Weather and Conditions 

It is important to recognize that a safe following distance can change depending upon weather and other conditions. Common conditions that can impact safe following distance include rain, snow, and fog. In any of these cases, it is important to increase your following distance to be safe.

Remain Aware

Keeping a close eye on your surroundings can help you to avoid rear-end collisions. This will help you should you come across something you were not expecting, such as an object in the road. By remaining aware as to what is going on in front of you, you will have enough time to safely avoid potential harm. Additionally, it is important to avoid others’ blind spots and maintain a safe following distance so that you are able to turn, change lanes, or take other actions aside from just slamming on the brakes.

Give Others a Heads-Up 

Also very helpful for avoiding any type of accident is allowing other drivers to remain aware of what you are planning on doing next. This includes doing things such as using your turn signals properly, checking your signal lights often to ensure that they are working and slowing gradually rather than abruptly.

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