Know the Facts about Robotic Surgery

March 26, 2013
Know the Facts about Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a new and largely untested technology. If you are considering robotic surgery, you should know all the facts.

Hysterectomies are currently the most common operation performed by Intuitive’s da Vinci Surgical robot. Individuals contemplating robotic surgery are generally told that surgeries with the da Vinci robot are safer, and result in a faster healing time despite there being a lack of credible scientific evidence to substantiate this statement. Recently three new and quite shocking lawsuits were filed on behalf of defendants that had gynecological procedures with the da Vinci Robot. All three of these operations ended in devastating results for the patient.

Drastic Consequences
Severe injuries and even death have been linked to the use of the da Vinci Robotic surgical system during routine hysterectomies and prostate removal. Some of the horrific injuries sustained by patients include ruptured intestines, burns, and tears, cut ureter, needing additional repair surgeries, and even pain during intercourse. The FDA is currently investigating this robotic surgical system because of the large number of claims reported by patients who believe they were injured by the device.

Speak to Your Doctor
If you are facing a hysterectomy or prostate removal surgery, make sure you are well informed on the procedure and all possible negative outcomes.  Talk to your doctor about all of your options. Always ask questions; you can never bee too informed. It is much easier to make an educated decision before your surgery than live with the consequences of a potentially dangerous new technology.

Get Help
If you or a loved one has suffered severe or fatal injuries as a result of a surgery performed by the da Vinci Surgical Robot, it is important to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer right away. Whether your malpractice case is the result of inadequately trained physicians or defective and poorly-tested medical technology, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering.

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