“Live Local, Give Local” Program Donates 750 Thanksgiving Meals

November 28, 2016
“Live Local, Give Local” Program Donates 750 Thanksgiving Meals

In the greater Tulsa area, there are many people who go without a meal on Thanksgiving. These people could be a co-worker, neighbor, friend or even your loved one.

The “Live Local, Give Local” program is organized by many local organizations that work hard to provide meals at Thanksgiving for those in need.

We would like to give huge thanks to Lawyers Fighting Hunger, The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Emergency Infant Services and Iron Gate who all worked hard to combat this hardship through their annual Thanksgiving food drive. Five (5) cities across Oklahoma participated in assisting those in need of a warm Thanksgiving meal for families.

Graves McLain was a platinum sponsor of this wonderful, community program, where they help provide over 7,000 Oklahoma families with a Thanksgiving dinner.

Since the program started almost $500,000 has been raised and over 25,000 families have been helped. This year almost $100,000 was raised to make a meaningful difference to those in need this Thanksgiving.

To read more about this remarkable program, click here.

It is the selfless acts like this that make the holidays so special. Let’s all remember to give back to our community where there are many people who are not as fortunate as we are each year.

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