More Than 90,000 Volkswagen Passat Cars Recalled due to Defective Wiring

April 6, 2016
More Than 90,000 Volkswagen Passat Cars Recalled due to Defective Wiring

Dangerous product defects cause thousands of serious, and even fatal injuries every year. When consumers make a purchase, they have a right to assume that their safety will not be put at risk by a product defect.

Recently, the auto manufacturer Volkswagen announced that they would be recalling 91,000 Passat cars due to defective wiring. The faulty wiring in these Passat models is susceptible to corrosion. When these wires corrode, it can allow electrical terminals to come into contact with water. This can potentially lead to dangerous vehicle fires and severe injuries to motorists.

The vehicle models affected by this recall are Volkswagen Passat cars with diesel engines. Affected vehicles were manufactured between 2012 and 2014.

If you own or lease one of these vehicles, the U.S Department of Transportation has a tool that allows you to search for your car using the Vehicle Identification Number. Click here and enter your car’s VIN number to see if you and your family have been impacted by this recent vehicle recall.

When manufacturers do not properly test their products or fail to warn consumers about potential dangers, they put consumers at risk. At Graves McLain, we care deeply about the safety of our clients. That is why we work hard to hold product manufacturers responsible for their negligent behavior.

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