New Oklahoma Vehicle Registration Law in Effect

September 9, 2019
New Oklahoma Vehicle Registration Law in Effect

Recently, a new Oklahoma state law went into effect which permits drivers to keep their license plate even after they sell their vehicles but requires all drivers to carry their registration in their vehicles at all times.

Registration Process

The process for registering a new vehicle is different depending upon whether you are purchasing the vehicle from an individual or a dealership. Vehicles purchased from an individual or elsewhere besides a dealership may be driven for five days if you don’t have a tag from a previous vehicle. However, if you do have a tag from a previous vehicle, that tag may be placed on the newly purchased vehicle after you have had it titled and registered. You have 30 days to do so without being penalized.

If you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, the vehicle will come with its own paper tag and you will still have 30 days to register the vehicle without being penalized. When it comes to registering your vehicle, you can either place your old tag on the vehicle or purchase a new one from the Oklahoma Tax Commission or from a local tag agent.

Senate Bill 1339 does not list a specific penalty, which will need to be determined going forward. If a driver sells a car and does not have another car to place the unexpired tag on, they can contact the tax commission for a reimbursement.

Annual Certificates of Registration

Another mandatory part of the new law is that Oklahomans are also required to carry their annual certificates of registration in their cars at all times. Your certificate of registration is issued at the time that the vehicle is initially registered and then renewed each year. If you lose your certificate of registration and need a new one, you can order it at a tag agency or the Oklahoma Tax Commission for only $1 or online for $3.70.

For anyone needing a duplicate of their vehicle registration, the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s newly updated OkCARS is the quick and easy way to receive a free copy via email in as little as five minutes. All that is needed is the last four characters of the vehicle identification number, street address number, and the current primary license plate number.

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