Oklahoma’s Left Lane Law Goes Into Effect Wednesday, November 1st

October 31, 2017
Oklahoma’s Left Lane Law Goes Into Effect Wednesday, November 1st

On Wednesday, November 1st Oklahoma’s new left lane law will go into effect. The law will require all drivers to use the left lanes on highways & roadways with multiple roads for passing only.

The new law requiring all drivers must use the right lanes for driving on the highway has been an ongoing dispute among many. This law was made to make highways and large roadways safer for drivers.

The fine if you are caught traveling in the left lane is $235.25. And the change affects roadways and highways, divided into four or more lanes. The new statute “shall not prohibit driving in the left lane when traffic conditions, flow or road configuration require the use of the left lane to maintain safe traffic conditions,” according to the law.

There will be a few exceptions to this law including:

  • When traveling on a highway with multiple lanes one can use the left lane for passing.
  • Law officials will consider congested traffic areas as well as metropolitan areas allowing drivers to use the left lane when necessary.
  • Drivers will be allowed to use the left lane when certain road configurations and traffic flows require the use of the left lane in order to maintain safe driving conditions.

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Please pay attention to the new signs going up along highways as well as large roadways throughout Oklahoma. Tulsa Police Sergeant Shane Tuell explains, “Officers will enforce violations as they see them.” The issue, he said, was having enough officers to enforce such laws.

It is important for all drivers to be aware of this change to help keep the highways and roadways safer for all drivers. If you plan on taking the highway or any large roadway starting November 1st remember to drive in the right lane!

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