One Distraction Can Change Your Life Forever.

February 11, 2014
One Distraction Can Change Your Life Forever.

When Driving…make sure you’re not a Distracted Driver.

Reaching into a bag or purse, brushing your hair, putting on lipstick, loud music, wearing earplugs or an elevated emotional state can all lead to distracted driving. When behind the wheel, stay focused; keep your eyes on the road.

When behind the wheel, you need your full attention to keep an ear and eye open for ambulance and police sirens, cautionary beeps or honks, construction slowdowns, and other obstacles on the road that could be dangerous.

Taking your eyes off of the road to check a text message or switch a song on an iPod feels like it takes only a few seconds; but when you are driving a car, every second counts. A two-second decision can critically impact your life or the life of an innocent bystander or other drivers.

Take a step back if you find yourself guilty of any of these bad habits. Be aware of your surroundings both inside and outside of the car and help us make Tulsa roads safer for everyone.

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