Recent Truck Accident On Will Rogers Turnpike Reminds Us To Always Be Aware Driving Near Large Commercial Vehicles

August 3, 2017
Recent Truck Accident On Will Rogers Turnpike Reminds Us To Always Be Aware Driving Near Large Commercial Vehicles

There are many large commercial vehicles on the roads, and we all need to be more careful around large trucks. Drivers of cars and motorcycles need to keep in mind that drivers of tractor-trailers or large commercial vehicles could be dealing with other issues on the roads.

  • Long hours behind the wheel causing tiredness due to poor company policy
  • Unbalanced loads in a large vehicle causing a lack of control
  • Poor maintenance causing tire blowouts or other problems
  • An unskilled driver who did not have enough hours of driver training
  • Speeding due to strict time schedules by trucking companies
  • Lack of sleep causing drowsiness on the road

A recent accident on Will Rogers turnpike left a driver pinned for over an hour after two semi-trucks crashed along the highway. The driver of the car was transported to a local hospital. The drivers of the semi-trucks were not injured, and one passenger refused treatment. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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It is important to always be alert when driving along highways at faster speeds with large commercial vehicles. Here are some important safety tips to remember when driving to ensure you arrive at your destination safely:

  • Look out for blind spots – avoid putting yourself in the way of a truck’s blind spot.
  • Keep a safe distance – due to a truck’s size it is harder for them to stop suddenly so it is important to never tailgate and make sure they are given adequate space.
  • Give them more time – if you plan on passing a large truck make sure you can be seen and are signaling ahead of time to properly warn drivers.

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