Safe Summer in Tulsa Campaign Helps Protect Citizens from Drunk Drivers

July 22, 2014
Safe Summer in Tulsa Campaign Helps Protect Citizens from Drunk Drivers

Summertime in Oklahoma brings backyard barbeques, pool parties, family retreats, and vacations. Many adults, and at times teenagers under the legal drinking age of 21, like to lounge around and enjoy the company of friends and family, along with the refreshing alcohol enhanced cocktail. Unfortunately, not everyone drinks responsibly, and when people drink and drive, tragedies occur.

This past Friday night, as part of the Tulsa Police Department’s “Safe Summer in Tulsa” campaign, a DUI checkpoint was set up near 58th Street and Memorial Drive. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office provides funding for publically announced checkpoints, which allows officers from neighboring communities to participate so that local police departments can best allocate their resources.

Police officers stopped every fifth car out of 1,700 vehicles to inspect drivers for sobriety and their compliance with traffic safety laws.  By the end of the night, officers had written 97 citations and arrested 13 people.  The arrests were for the following: 10 warrant violations, 1 driving under the influence, 1 open container, and 1 person for drug paraphernalia.

These checkpoints are necessary in order to protect the public and ensure safe driving within our communities.  While the Tulsa DUI arrests’ monthly average has declined throughout the past few years, police claim there has been a spike in DUI accidents and arrests in summer months.

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