Stay Safe on Black Friday

November 27, 2019
Stay Safe on Black Friday

We’ve seen the news about individuals who get into heated arguments on Black Friday, often ending in unnecessary violence. However, injuries on Black Friday are not limited to fist fights. Here are some important tips for staying safe on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Parking Lot Injuries

After stuffing themselves with turkey, many shoppers rush to their local retail stores or malls in order to obtain deals and slashed prices. But those rushing to get these items are often more aggressive. Additionally, because Black Friday shopping starts very early in the morning, many drivers may be sleep deprived.

These factors often prove to be a bad combination, causing crashes with other cars, poles, or even pedestrians. This leads to injuries such as internal bleeding, fractures, and head trauma. Parking lots are also a common location for physical fights. Be sure that you have had enough sleep, have not been drinking, do not speed, use caution, and remain alert at all times – especially while driving in a parking lot.

Shopping Cart Injuries

With so much commotion going on in each store, and shoppers rushing to get their hands on items, it is not uncommon for one individual to accidentally strike another with his or her shopping cart. This is also especially true for small children, who do not know to get out of the way and are too small to be seen clearly. Be sure to remain aware of your surroundings and keep track of your children.


Stampedes are a very common cause of injuries on Black Friday. Many individuals wait in line outside of a store to be the first to get their hands on an item as soon as the doors open. A fear of missing out causes people to push and shove their way into the store. Bearing in mind that the weight of six or seven people is enough to crush internal organs, if people are rushing it is important to move as quickly as they do. In the event that you do fall, immediately curl up and turn onto your side to protect your back and spine.

Falling Merchandise

In order to maintain enough inventory for the day, stores will often stack boxes very high. When people are rushing to grab items, they sometimes fail to do so correctly and end up dropping the boxes or items and injuring themselves or others in the process. It is important that you do not lift heavy boxes or objects by yourself. Instead enlist someone to help you carry them and place in your cart when possible.

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