Staying Up-to-Date on Product Safety Recalls

October 17, 2018
Staying Up-to-Date on Product Safety Recalls

Every year, countless Americans are made ill or injured by dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, or other defective products. While medical technology progresses at an incredible rate, the testing and studies required to prove these technologies are safe cannot always keep up.

When companies that produce drugs and medical devices place greater emphasis on shareholder value than patient safety, innocent people can suffer consequences. The concerns typically fall into three categories.

  • Dangerous Drugs: In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thoroughly tests and screens all new medications entering the market. Unfortunately, some companies do not follow the FDA’s strict regulations. “Fast Track” approvals rely on companies to confirm the safety of their own products—rather than on independent, third-party validation.
  • Defective Medical Devices: Every year, millions of Americans rely on medical devices to recover from serious illness or injury. Unfortunately, thousands of medical devices are recalled every year due to serious product defects that cause severe harm to patients. When device manufacturers fail to disclose product failures or possible safety defects, injuries result.
  • Defective Products: Ideally, products on which we rely every day would be free of defects. Often, corporations do not value safety and reliability when they manufacture, distribute, and sell products with known or suspected safety concerns. Sadly, thousands of people suffer serious, life-threatening injuries caused by defective products each year.

Remain Alert—and Keep Safe

Fortunately for patients and consumers, there are ways to remain informed about the latest in product recalls and other warnings. The FDA routinely updates its published list of Recalls, Market Withdrawals, and Safety Alerts with information from public sources. The magazine Popular Science also publishes a resource to help track products deemed defective.

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