Study Finds Oilfield Tractor Trailers Pose Serious Safety Risks to Oklahoma Drivers

January 12, 2016
Study Finds Oilfield Tractor Trailers Pose Serious Safety Risks to Oklahoma Drivers

Overloaded and unsafe tractor-trailers are driving on state roads and highways with disturbing frequency, and these trucks are causing dozens of dangerous, and sometimes deadly, traffic accidents throughout the state.

There are over 350 trucking companies in Oklahoma that are employed by major energy companies for the purposes of hauling oilfield wastewater and equipment throughout the state. Unfortunately, a recent investigation by Oklahoma News on 6 and The Frontier discovered that many of these trucking companies do not follow proper safety regulations for their vehicles.

According to this study:

  • 36 people have been killed in truck accidents involving oilfield trucks since 2007 in Oklahoma.
  • 54 people have been injured in these truck accidents in the last 2 years alone.
  • Court documents uncovered in this investigation revealed that a majority of these tragic tractor-trailer accidents could be prevented with proper enforcement of safety testing on the part of trucking companies.

One injured Oklahoma motorist is currently suing one of these trucking companies and seeking damages for severe injuries and a debilitating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that he suffered in an accident with an oilfield tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer driver that caused the accident was cited for disobeying a stop sign and driving with a trailer that was 6,000lbs overweight.

Other trucking company safety violations that were uncovered by this investigation include:

  • Rigs operating with substandard safety equipment
  • Failure to properly enforce drug and alcohol testing for truck drivers
  • Allowing rigs to operate while thousands of pounds over the legal weight limit

When tractor-trailer companies force truck drivers to operate trucks that are overweight, unsafe, or not properly inspected, the results can be devastating. All Oklahoma drivers have a right to share the road safely.

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