Study Shows a Decrease in Traffic Accident Injuries Since the Texting and Driving Ban

January 9, 2017
Study Shows a Decrease in Traffic Accident Injuries Since the Texting and Driving Ban

Recent data from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reveals that injuries from drivers distracted by an electronic device are decreasing.

A texting and driving ban was implemented in November of 2015 in Oklahoma, and since then injuries relating to drivers driving accidents fell from 538 to 422 in a nine-month period. Additionally, total crashes from drivers in this category fell from 1,291 to 1,129, with fatal crashes dropping from 10 to 7.

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These Oklahoma state distracted driving numbers are still very high, and no one should use a mobile device at all when driving. One item that hopefully will help this problem, is that more and more apps are adding “lock” features so that when a person is in a moving vehicle, they can not use their mobile device, but not all devices have this feature.

These statistics leave state officials feeling confident, but as with any public safety epidemic, measurable actions must continue to be followed.

Here is what you can do to keep yourself and others safe while behind the wheel, according to

  • Silence is golden. Turn your mobile device off when driving. Turn all notifications off when driving. Without hearing the constant buzz of your cellphone, you won’t be tempted to reach for it.
  • Out of sight, out of mind. Put your phone in a place where it can’t serve as a temptation, such as the back seat or glove box.
  • Download an app. There are several mobile applications that prevent you from texting while driving, such as Cellcontrol or Live2Text.
  • Designate a friend. If traveling with a friend, ask them to send a text, make a call or navigate the way for you via Google Maps, Waze or another GPS app. Always put 100% of your focus on driving while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Texting and driving is a serious problem that is negatively affecting thousands of Oklahomans yearly. The second you pick up your phone while you are driving increases your chances of being involved in a car accident by 23 times. This unsettling statistic is scary but true.

Please be smart when you are driving and always keep safety a top priority. Think of yourself, your family and your loved ones when you are operating a vehicle. Always drive with full attention and be aware of your surroundings. The choices you make while driving has the potential to change your life and the life of other drivers in just a matter of seconds.

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