Surgeon Mistakenly Removes Healthy Kidney

December 10, 2018
Surgeon Mistakenly Removes Healthy Kidney

In a recent case of medical malpractice, a Florida woman lost a healthy kidney when her surgeon mistakenly removed it. An article on the tragic surgical error appears here.

A Terrible Mistake

A Palm Beach, Florida woman in her early fifties entered the hospital for routine back surgery, only to leave with one kidney.  During a procedure to help alleviate her back pain following a car accident, her surgeon mistook one of her healthy kidneys for a cancerous tumor. The surgeon declared the situation a medical emergency and removed the organ on the spot.

A License in Jeopardy

According to an administrative complaint made by Florida’s Department of Health, the doctor could now face a range of penalties—including fines and the loss of his license to practice medicine. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, the doctor in question was not the surgeon assigned to perform the surgery. Rather, he was brought in to make the initial incision for other surgeons scheduled to perform the procedure.

A Preventable Tragedy

As an increasing number of Americans undergo surgical procedures, the rate of surgical errors continues to rise. According to the Civil Justice Resource Group, 4.8% of physicians are responsible for half of the malpractice claims filed in the U.S.—and just 1.7% of physicians were responsible for 27.5% of all malpractice awards. Surgical errors can have devastating effects, leaving patients incapacitated or in far poorer health than prior to surgery. Such errors are awful and avoidable tragedies. 

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