The 3 Problems You’ll Face Dealing with Car Insurance Companies After an Accident

October 12, 2020
The 3 Problems You’ll Face Dealing with Car Insurance Companies After an Accident

One of the more complicated aspects after being involved in a car accident is dealing with the car insurance companies. Unfortunately, you cannot expect that they’re going to be upfront and honest with you. These companies are businesses, and they have to make their money somehow. 

In this blog, you’ll find information on how to deal with the most common problems victims of car accidents face with insurance companies so you can successfully recover a fair settlement.

They’re Refusing to Pay Out.

Unlike most people think, insurance companies do not work for you. Insurance companies are looking to make a profit. Insurance companies collect money from premiums and invest the money in the stock market, real estate, and other investment vehicles to increase their profits. An attorney who has extensive experience handling car insurance claim disputes and will be able to recover the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

If the other driver’s insurer does not cooperate, you may be able to get compensated for damages under your insurance company’s policy. If your policy includes collision coverage, your car insurance company should be able to pay the claim. As a result, your insurance company will pursue the subrogation process, where it recovers part or all of the claim expenses from the other insurance company.

They Won’t Respond to Your Calls.

Haven’t heard from the insurance company after your claim was filed? This is common, as insurance companies may not appropriately respond to claims to delay making payments or efficiently resolve the case. Sometimes there may be legitimate reasons for this delay, but most of the time there is not. Many states have requirements regarding the amount of time that insurance companies must respond to an accident claim. If your insurance company is not actively working to resolve your claim or is otherwise not following the mandates of state law, you may have a bad faith claim against the insurance company. If the insurance company is found to have committed bad faith, you may receive additional compensation over the value of your initial claim.

The Other Insurance Company is Reaching Out.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t talk to the other insurance company when there is a potential case for anyone involved in the accident. If there’s chance you could have significant injuries or damages, do not speak with the other driver’s insurer until you have a car accident attorney to speak on your behalf. 

4 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

To lessen the financial hit that you’ll take from insurance companies, here are a few facts.

  1. Minor Claims Are Never Taken Seriously. Many insurance companies won’t even consider minor claims simply because there’s no visual evidence of damage. This is why it’s essential to take your case to an attorney, as they can make sure that your injuries and damages are covered, even if they’re not visibly apparent.
  2. Don’t Wait to File a Claim. If the adjuster tells you to sit back and take your time with filing a claim, don’t. If you wait too long, you could find yourself exceeding the set time limits. When that happens, it becomes illegal to file a claim. That’s the easiest way for the insurance company to get out of paying out your money.
  3. The Adjuster’s Goal is to Minimize or Deny Your Claim. It’s crucial to have all of your documentation before giving the insurance company a call. Give yourself an advantage by being fully prepared with all your paperwork.
  4. You Can Fight a Denied Claim. Legally, the insurance company agreed to act in “good faith” to pay for your benefits when you signed up for their service. When you’re denied a legitimate claim, you can file a lawsuit to seek out the benefits you are entitled to. It may seem like the end of the road when you’re denied, but don’t let the insurance company take advantage of your situation.

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