The Hidden Dangers of Novelty Contact Lenses

October 30, 2013
The Hidden Dangers of Novelty Contact Lenses

Every Halloween it’s not hard to find novelty contacts for sale online or in specialty Halloween shops. These lenses are available without a prescription, and the damage they can cause may be scarier than the holiday itself.

Often branded as Halloween contact lenses, fashion contact lenses, or cosmetic contact lenses, these lenses can be more dangerous than you would think.

Are Novelty Contact Lenses That Unsafe?

Not if you buy them with a prescription from a licensed vendor. If you have your heart set on novelty contacts there is a safe way to buy them, if you first make an appointment with an eye doctor. The doctor will make sure your eyes are healthy enough for contact wear, and prescribe the right fit for your eye size. After your examination, you can buy lenses either through your doctor or from a licensed vendor of FDA approved lenses.

Lenses available without a prescription are where the real danger lies. These lenses are unsafe for several reasons:

Any contacts that you buy without a prescription will not be an exact fit for your eyes. Every person has a different and unique eye shape and size. Lenses with incorrect sizing can slide off your pupil, be more likely to tear, and can severely irritate your eyes.

Nonprescription lenses may not be sterile or safe to wear. If the lenses you want to buy are available without a prescription they have not been evaluated by the FDA, and can potentially contain contaminants or ingredients that should be nowhere near your eyes. To compound this problem, lenses without prescriptions are often imported from foreign countries where safety standards may be low or not enforced properly.

Novelty Contact Risk Factors

If you wear nonprescription novelty lenses, you increase your risk for several injuries including:

Eye Infection

Corneal abrasion or scarring

Temporary or permanent vision loss

Blindness in the most extreme cases

Avoid Injuries

Make sure before you purchase any contact lenses that you always visit your eye doctor first and get a valid prescription. Never under any circumstances purchase contact lenses that do not require a prescription: these lenses have not been evaluated by the FDA and can injure your eyes from poor fit or unsterile ingredients.  Never under any circumstances let your children wear contacts without first checking with their eye doctor. If you follow these simple guidelines you will be well on your way to a safe and fun Halloween.

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