Those with CP Experience Better Quality of Life with Assistive Technologies

May 29, 2020
Those with CP Experience Better Quality of Life with Assistive Technologies

Cerebral Palsy (CP), an injury that is sustained by the brain prior to or during birth, can result in issues with movement, posture, and muscle tone. Unfortunately, it can cause a number of complications, one of which is often difficulty communicating. When muscle groups in the face are affected by the disorder, forming words may be difficult. Communication can become a challenge. Thankfully, new technologies are being developed every day to assist those with CP. Here are some of those advancements:

Electronic Communication Boards

Electronic communication boards include words, phrases, and images, which children can easily point to in order to share their thoughts and feelings. Newer boards are smaller and more lightweight, allowing them to be more easily portable. Since they are now electronic, they include much more imagery than they once had.


Adaptive Writing and Typing Aids

Since many individuals with CP struggle with fine motor skills, completing tasks such as using pens and pencils and eating utensils, can prove very difficult. Adaptive writing and typing aids are designed to work with the individual’s particular issues. Writing aids may include pen and pencil grips, slanted writing boards, and weighted pencils or pens. Typing aids may be strapped to the user’s hand to create a pointer that can be used to press keys or share thoughts on communication boards.


Cochlear Implants

One complication that can arise with CP is hearing loss. However, for some individuals with CP, cochlear implants, an assistive hearing device can help to restore sound by using microphones, processors, and transmitters to stimulate the auditory nerve. Whether or not cochlear implants are a good idea is dependent upon the individual and the risks and benefits for him or her. Cochlear implants are usually recommended for those with moderate to complete hearing loss.


These assistive technologies have proved to be “game-changers” for children with CP. They often result in:

  • More inclusion among peers
  • Improved academic performance
  • Better ability to express emotions
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved communication with others
  • More opportunities
  • More independence/self-sufficiency

What is best for each child differs based upon his or her specific situation. But regardless, these technologies can help to change lives for the better.

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