Top 8 Evidence to Collect at The Scene After A Car Accident

October 27, 2020

If you get into a car accident, one of the best ways to protect your legal rights is to gather evidence at the scene as soon as possible. Even if you believe that the accident was relatively minor, you still should collect evidence immediately following the crash. Knowing what evidence you need will prepare you to act promptly in building your claim. 

List of the Evidence That You Will Need After a Car Accident

Some crashes result in less severe injuries, and you may be able to collect significant evidence at the scene of the accident that could later help your legal recovery. Let’s look at the types of evidence you should try to gather in a typical car accident case:

  1. Information from the Other Driver. This includes their driver’s license number, insurance policy information, license plate numbers and contact information.
  2. Road Conditions. Road conditions can contribute to accidents, so take photos of the accident scene to have the road conditions documented.
  3. Road Signs. Take pictures of all road and safety signs in the vicinity of the crash.
  4. Damaged Vehicles and Property. Take photos of the cars and any other damaged property that resulted from the crash.
  5. Witness Information. Get names and contact information from those who witnessed the accident.
  6. Skid Marks. Take photos of the skid marks, if you can do so, as they may provide substantial evidence later.
  7. Dangerous Debris. Pictures of any road debris that might have been caused by the accident and were present before the crash are essential.
  8. Check the Cameras. Red-light, security or other cameras may have recorded the accident and provide valuable evidence. If you notice any around the accident scene, write down their locations, or take a picture of the camera.

The health and safety of you and everyone else involved in the crash should be prioritized after a car accident. Your injuries may be too severe for you to do anything but wait for an ambulance at the scene, and that’s okay.

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The financial and physical consequences of a car crash affect everybody involved, no matter who is at fault. 

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