Tulsa County & State Law Enforcement Officers Start the New Year’s Holiday Weekend Off With A DUI Checkpoint

December 27, 2017
Tulsa County & State Law Enforcement Officers Start the New Year’s Holiday Weekend Off With A DUI Checkpoint

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and millions of Americans plan to celebrate with friends and family over the weekend. More than 42% of car accidents that occur on New Year’s Eve are due to drunk drivers, making it one of the most dangerous nights to be on the road.

Starting this Saturday 10 PM through Sunday 3 AM, Tulsa police alongside Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers will be conducting sobriety checkpoints.

Tulsa police explained, “the checkpoint is part of the department’s continued commitment to reducing injuries, deaths, and raising awareness about the dangers caused by alcohol and drug-impaired drivers.”

This will not be the first checkpoint to be held in Tulsa. Earlier on in May police arrested 8 drivers on allegations of driving under the influence, issued 75 citations and 73 warnings during a checkpoint.

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Drinking and driving is a serious problem that can be prevented. A DUI can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of fines, up to 6 months in the city jail, court-mandated treatment, and community service.

If you plan to drink this New Year’s remember the following:

  • Plan Ahead – make sure you have a designated driver in place or utilize the multiple car services available.
  • Phone a Friend – if your designated driver falls through and you have been drinking phone a friend who is sober to come and get you.
  • Leave Your Keys at Home – if you leave your keys at home then there will be no temptation to drive!
  • Sleep Over – if you are at a friend’s house and have had too much to drink plan on staying the night!

Make sure to stay safe this New Year’s Eve and remember if you drink and drive you will get caught!

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