Two Pedestrians Hospitalized Following Hit-and-Run in Broken Arrow

February 12, 2015
Two Pedestrians Hospitalized Following Hit-and-Run in Broken Arrow

Police are searching for a suspect believed to be responsible for a hit-and-run accident that seriously injured two Tulsa residents on Sunday evening. Officers responded to the parking lot of a Jack in the Box restaurant near 71st St. and 145th East Avenue on Sunday evening and found two pedestrians that had been hit by a car. Witnesses say that the couple, a man and a woman whose names have not been released, may have known the suspect who hit them.

Both victims were hospitalized with serious injuries, but neither appear to be in critical condition. The man is believed to have suffered a broken leg while the woman sustained serious head injuries. Authorities recovered the vehicle driven at the time of the crash at another location in Tulsa, but the driver suspected of this crime remains at large.

Data collected by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office found that in 2013, 61 pedestrians were fatally injured by motor vehicles in Oklahoma. This total was down from 67 fatalities in 2012, indicating a modest improvement in pedestrian roadway safety. However, while the total number of fatalities may have declined, the number of pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents actually increased slightly, from 564 in 2012 to 566 in 2013.

Awareness about pedestrian safety is very important, as many of the victims in these types of accidents are our state’s most vulnerable citizens. It is estimated that among children aged 10 to 15 who were killed in traffic accidents, nearly one in five was a pedestrian. Older pedestrians are also at higher risk of suffering fatal injuries. Adults aged 65 and older accounted for 20% of pedestrian fatalities nationwide, a rate that is much higher than any other age group.

Both pedestrians and drivers must be aware and alert at all times on the road in order to prevent tragic accidents such as this one. Here are some tips to remember that will help all Oklahoma residents arrive home safe and sound:

For Drivers:

– Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Many fatal accidents occur when pedestrians are not walking where they should be. Remain vigilant, especially after dark and in urban areas, and be on the lookout for pedestrians crossing against traffic or away from designated crosswalks.
– Anticipate Problems: Reduce your vehicle’s speed when approaching a designated crosswalk, school zone, or any other areas with heavy foot traffic.
– Never Pass a Vehicle Stopped at a Crosswalk: Even if you can’t see any pedestrians getting ready to cross the street, always approach crosswalks with caution, especially if you see another vehicle already stopped.

For Pedestrians:

– Stick to the Sidewalk: Avoid walking or running in the street whenever possible and stay on the sidewalk. A vast majority of pedestrian fatalities occur when pedestrians fail to adhere to this basic rule.
– Be Predictable: Drivers expect pedestrians to cross according to normal flows of traffic and at designated crosswalks and intersections. Stick to these posted regulations and help drivers anticipate your presence on the road.
– Be Especially Cautious at Night: Nearly one-third of all pedestrian fatalities occurred between the hours of 8 and 11:59 pm. Low visibility due to darkness or bad weather puts all drivers and pedestrians at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Keep that in mind when out at night or in foggy, rainy, or snowy conditions and exercise extreme caution in these cases.

For more helpful safety tips for drivers and pedestrians, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website here.

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