Vehicle Infotainment Systems Can Lead to Distracted Driving Accidents

October 9, 2017
Vehicle Infotainment Systems Can Lead to Distracted Driving Accidents

As automakers try to compete in their industry, many manufacturers are now providing high tech Infotainment systems in many vehicles. These Infotainment systems allow you to answer your mobile device, make a call by voice activation, enter GPS coordinates, and much more.

The problem is that for years automakers have also been preaching to drivers, not to drive and use a mobile device. They have been “advocating” for safe driving, and firmly educating consumers on the dangers of texting & driving, and doing any activity that will take your eyes off the roads and your hands off the wheel.

Now automakers have designed an entire Infotainment center in vehicles to stay competitive and sell more vehicles. What happened to their concern of distracted driving and the increased number of distracted related car accidents?

The fact is, touch-screen and voice-controlled systems are allowing us to do other things besides driving, but the primary task when you are behind the wheel should be to get from point A to point B safely. And safely means for you, your occupants, and all of the thousands of drivers around you.

David Strayer, a professor at the University of Utah, explained, “A lot of these tasks, like texting and navigation and so forth, have high visual demand; they’re also associated with high mental demand.”

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It is critical for all drivers to avoid using any form of mobile device or Infotainment system when driving. As a driver, your attention should be on the road at all times in order to make sure you arrive at your destination safely.

Here are some important safety tips to help prevent distracted driving:

  • Avoid multitasking while you are in the car – make sure you are prepared for your drive prior to getting on the road.
  • Enter your GPS coordinates before you start driving.
  • Do not text & drive on any system at all.
  • Do not email or read emails when driving behind the wheel.
  • Do not take your eyes off the road when driving. An accident can happen in an instant.
  • Even looking down to change the radio station or music can be a fatal act. Make the change when your car is stopped at a light, or pull to the side of the road.

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