Watch Rachel Gusman Discuss Important School Safety Tips on Good Day Tulsa!

August 7, 2017
Watch Rachel Gusman Discuss Important School Safety Tips on Good Day Tulsa!

With the school year about to start in Tulsa, many families are preparing for a new and exciting school year ahead. There are several ways our kids get to school, and safety is always our top concern. Whether taking the bus, walking to school or riding a bike, child pedestrian accidents happen more than you know.

Attorney Rachel Gusman from Graves McLain was on ABC’s Good Day Tulsa where she shared important safety tips to remember for all children going back to school. With a rise in pedestrian accidents each year as school begins, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and be safe. As parents and grandparents, it is important to discuss with our children how to be safer when going to school.

Rachel explains that teenagers are more at risk for these types of accidents due to cell phone use. A motto like “heads up phone down” is a great way to remind children to pay attention at all times. Tell your children to:

  • Stand on the sidewalk, away from the street or driveway, if you are going to talk or text on a mobile device.
  • Stand back when the school bus is approaching, do not stand directly on the curb.
  • Wait for the bus doors to open, and wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before getting in.
  • Don’t wear your headphones or earbuds if you are walking or riding a bike.
  • Don’t speed or drive erratically. Allow yourself some extra time before going to school as well as picking children up.
  • Be aware of crossing guards and always cross the street at the designated cross points.
  • Do not jaywalk, and follow all crossing signs.
  • If you are walking to school, always try to use the buddy system and walk with others. Safety in numbers is good.
  • Never speak to strangers on your way to school. A stranger is someone you do not know. And there are no exceptions to this.

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Watch the full segment here.

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