What Are the Intersections with Most Car Wrecks in Tulsa?

December 1, 2021
What Are the Intersections with Most Car Wrecks in Tulsa?

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes. Statistics always vary on the causes, typically they include distracted driving, alcohol abuse, or failing to wear a seatbelt.

In 2019 alone, motor vehicle crashes caused over 36,000 deaths in the United States, 584 in Oklahoma. While representing a small percentage, many Oklahoma car accidents happen at busy intersections and due to road distractions. In fact, there are over 30 crashes a day in Tulsa alone – many people suffering severe and fatal injuries.

Due to its fast-growing population, Tulsa’s roadways have become more congested. You should always be aware of the intersections with most car wrecks so you can avoid them during peak travel periods.

car collides at an intersection

According to local media outlets, the most dangerous intersections in Tulsa are:

At Memorial Drive and the Broken Arrow Expressway, or “The B.A.,” as locals call it, is the most dangerous intersection in Tulsa. Being a major traffic artery in the city, traffic lights and stop signs are used to increase driver awareness. This intersection has been the scene of multiple injuries and an unprecedented source of car accidents in the city.

71st Street also has its fair share of dangerous intersections. As one of the busiest streets in Tulsa, 71st is surrounded by stores, hotels, restaurants, a high school, and a hospital, causing it to have a higher propensity for accidents. In 2015 alone, the police handled 94 accidents along this corridor and its many intersections.

The Broken Arrow Expressway at Sheridan Road is a heavily traveled four-lane intersection that has seen many crashes. With over 25 reported injuries, drivers must be careful when passing through. Also, be cautious of nearby road construction.

The Broken Arrow Expressway at Lewis Avenue is attributed with over eight fatalities, making this one of the most dangerous areas in town for drivers. Additionally, shopping centers nearby are often frequented near this busy intersection, creating a higher chance of a collision.

Other intersections residents should be cautious of are:

Cars stop red traffic light at the intersection
  • U.S. 169 at 51st Street
  • U.S. 169 at 41st Street
  • Memorial Drive at 61st Street 
  • Mingo Road at 71st Street 
  • Yale Avenue at 51st Street
  • U.S. 169 at 71st Street 
  • Memorial Drive at 81st Street 

Staying Safe at Tulsa Intersections

All these roads and intersections have one thing in common: heavy traffic. The city’s expansion efforts have led to “bumper-to-bumper” traffic in the early mornings and the expected evening rush. Constant road construction efforts further compound these problems.

It is essential to know that human error is why most accidents happen in Tulsa. According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, on average, 7700 accidents occur each year due to distracted drivers. A quarter of those crashes involve driver use of electronic devices, and most accidents are between 4-8 p.m.

Drivers must take the time to be cautious at intersections to ensure safety is paramount. This means obeying the rules of the road and any safety mechanisms in place, but it also means eliminating distractions that could lead to a collision while driving.

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