What Do I Do if a Big Rig Hits Me?

August 9, 2021
What Do I Do if a Big Rig Hits Me?

It is not uncommon for serious injuries or fatalities to happen when an accident involves a big rig or another large commercial vehicle. While families try to pick up the pieces and grieve, the company at fault has lost an income provider and is only interested in getting that vehicle back out on the road. If you or a loved one are hit by a big rig or commercial vehicle, calling a lawyer immediately can help ensure that crucial evidence is not lost.  

If a driver believes they did everything right and is convinced that the commercial vehicle driver caused the accident, they will need someone on their side to prove it. During an initial consultation, a motor vehicle accident lawyer will also consult with the truck driver to recollect the events that led up to the accident.  

Many motor vehicle accident lawyers will attempt to gather the correct evidence needed to prove a trucking company’s liability. With this evidence, enough evidence should be available to encourage them to settle out of court. Settling outside of court is often the preferred approach for big rig companies because they will not want to take their chances in court.  

Evidence Collection is Critical  

Federal laws mandate the rest periods big rig drivers are required to take, but trucking companies may ignore this rule and uphold profit before safety. If there is evidence that these laws were not followed, the company can be held liable – mainly if drivers are being pushed beyond reasonable limits.  

Most big rigs and commercial vehicles have time-sensitive information that will need to be collected as soon as possible, including airbag modulation data or Qualcomm information. Companies that maintain commercial vehicles will have defense attorneys on retainer 24/7 to handle these situations in many cases.   

Unfortunately, many families are often racing against the clock to reconstruct the accident scene. Even when the police arrive on the scene, they likely will not take their images. The burden of gathering this evidence lies on surviving passengers, their families, or the attorney that has been contacted. This makes it even more important to contact an attorney as soon as possible following a motor vehicle accident.  

Defective equipment may also be the root cause of a big rig accident in some cases. All trucking companies are required to maintain safety checks and inspections at regular intervals. If a truck is deemed unsafe, the company should not allow it to be on the road. If a driver is injured due to a defective big rig part, both the trucking company and the manufacturer may be held liable.  

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