What Do I Get in a Free Consultation?

October 11, 2021
What Do I Get in a Free Consultation?

When looking for the right attorney, it is essential to find someone you feel comfortable with. The person you choose to advocate for you is someone you should feel has your best interest at heart. It is also crucial for you to understand all aspects of the legal process for your case type.

A free consultation is an excellent chance to ask all the questions you may have and ensure a particular law firm is the right fit for you. So, if you decide you want to obtain a free consultation with a law firm, here are a few things you will want to be sure are covered.

A Free Consultation Is Not Legal Advice

You will not get legal advice until a contract is signed. Therefore, when scheduling a free consultation, keep in mind that you will not get all your legal questions answered. It is meant to give you the opportunity to educate yourself better on options for your situation and determine your best course of action. Make sure that you leave understanding what to expect pertaining to a timeline and communication.

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Know Your Attorney

To ensure your needs align with their priorities, ask for an overview of the firm’s history and outcome in similar cases. Get to know your attorney, their areas of expertise, and case history so you will be comfortable when deciding to hire an attorney.

Case Assessment

During your consultation, you will walk through the events with the attorney and explain your case’s needs and expectations. Then, the attorney will make a case assessment and explain the standard process in your type of case. Finally, you will be informed of all of the most likely legal outcomes and get an idea of how the attorney would handle the case.

A case assessment is crucial for both the client and the attorney to find mutual ground and set expectations. There are many options on how legal matters can be handled; knowing what you will feel most comfortable with and ensuring you trust an attorney to handle it can make an enormous difference.

Attorney Fees

During a free consultation, you will discuss whether or not your case will be handled on an hourly rate or contingency basis. Make sure you do market research to know that what you are offered is consistent with the market. With this information, you can make an informed decision on whether those fees are a price you are comfortable with.

Clear Your Doubts

There is no question that you should not ask during a consultation. The goal should be to make the most informed decision based on what you have learned about the attorney and their legal approach to your unique case. Understand that no one is able to answer all of your questions because there is uncertainty in personal injury cases.

If you get any last-minute doubts or worries, inform them, and know that you do not have to decide immediately. There is no limit regarding how many attorneys you can see before choosing the right fit for you. However, remember that time is of the essence in all personal injury cases.

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