Who Can Be Held Liable After a Truck Accident?

September 9, 2020
Who Can Be Held Liable After a Truck Accident?

Any type of auto accident can be very dangerous, but due to their sheer size and weight, truck accidents can be some of the deadliest. When a large truck, which generally weighs at least 80,000 pounds, hits a standard passenger vehicle, it’s usually those in the passenger vehicle who sustain the worst injuries.

Determining whom to hold liable after a truck accident can become complicated since there are many different factors involved. The individuals or entities that contribute to the accident are the same ones that can be held accountable. Some of the parties who can be held liable include the following:

The Truck Driver

Sometimes, but not always, the driver of the truck is responsible for the accident. If they are distracted, speeding, driving recklessly, driving under the influence, or do not follow federal law by exceeding the number of hours they can spend on the road consecutively, they will be found to be negligent.

The Truck Company

The company that employs the truck driver may be held liable for an accident. The company is responsible for hiring the driver and may have done so negligently.

Although the company may attempt to avoid liability by claiming that the driver was an independent contractor, if the driver has the trucking company placard with its logo inside of the truck, the company can be held liable.

The Shipping Company

The shipping company can be held liable if they negligently packed the truck, such as overloading or unevenly loading it. When this happens, it makes the truck more likely to roll or flip over when it comes into contact with inclement weather or strong winds – specifically when traveling at higher speeds. This can injure the truck driver and others on the road.

The Designer or Manufacturer of the Truck

Truck accidents can also occur due to a defect with the design or manufacturing of the truck or one of its components. This includes problems such as faulty brake lines, steering system failure, or faulty tires that end up blowing out. If this happens, the designer or manufacturer can be held liable for the accident, which can injure both the truck driver and other drivers on the road.

The Truck Mechanic

One of the most underrated factors in the safety of a truck is its maintenance. While the parts of the truck may have been made safely and properly, they can easily deteriorate due to excessive driving. When the individual who was supposed to care for the maintenance of the vehicle fails to do so adequately, it can lead to mechanical breakdowns. If a mechanic is negligent in doing their job, they may be held liable for an accident.

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