Wrong Way Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Claims Four Lives, Oklahoma Highway Police Warn of Increased Driver Risk

August 4, 2015
Wrong Way Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Claims Four Lives, Oklahoma Highway Police Warn of Increased Driver Risk

A fourth victim of a tragic motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver passed away in a Tulsa area hospital on the morning of Sunday, August 2nd. The victim was one of five motorists involved in a deadly vehicle accident in the early morning of Saturday, July 25th. With their death, this past Sunday, all but one of the motorists involved in this crash have now succumbed to the injuries they sustained in the accident.

The lone survivor is, ironically, the drunk driver that was responsible for causing the accident. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that the man was driving while intoxicated with two passengers in the back seat of his car in the early morning of Saturday the 25th when he merged on to Highway 75 in Tulsa heading in the wrong direction.

Police reported that just after 3 am that morning, his Honda Civic, heading north in the southbound lanes of traffic, struck a couple on a motorcycle. Both motorcyclists were pronounced dead at the scene. Both of the drunk driver’s passengers, who were not wearing their seatbelts, also sustained critical injuries.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is warning area motorists that 2015 is shaping up to be an especially deadly summer for Oklahoma drivers. So far this year, there have been 15 more motor vehicle deaths in Oklahoma compared to the same date in 2014.

Unfortunately, the July 25th accident appears to be only one example of a disturbing trend of fatal wrong-way crashes in Oklahoma. On Friday, July 31st, another driver heading east in the westbound lanes of the Will Rogers Turnpike in Rogers County, OK collided with a pickup truck, causing fatal injuries to both herself and the other driver. Authorities are still investigating what may have caused the motorist to drive erratically and enter the Turnpike from the wrong direction.

Drunk Driving leading to reckless and irresponsible behavior on Oklahoma’s road and highways remains a very real risk. Authorities are warning Oklahoma drivers that there may be an even greater risk to motorist health and safety this year compared to years past. Here are some troubling statistics about Drunk Driving in Oklahoma that illustrate how serious this problem has become:

  • In Oklahoma in 2014, there were 151 fatal crashes involving alcohol.
  • In Oklahoma in 2013, 13,244 motorists were arrested on drunk driving charges.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board says that more than 300 people die each year in accidents where a motorist was driving in the wrong direction. A vast majority of these accidents happen at night and involve impaired and intoxicated drivers.

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