Youth Football Numbers Drop Amid Concussion Concerns

October 31, 2014
Youth Football Numbers Drop Amid Concussion Concerns

Oklahoma and the city of Tulsa have always had a strong culture surrounding youth football. From local youth leagues to high school and college, football has been a staple of many Tulsa communities for generations.

However, new concerns and studies related to concussions and serious brain injuries have created serious doubts in the minds of many parents about the safety of both youth and high school football.

This increase in concussion awareness is making a noticeable impact on parents around the country. This change is evidenced by many studies, including one by the National Sporting Goods Association that found participation in youth football declined by nearly 13% between 2011 and 2013. Additionally, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons found that anywhere between 4%-20% of college and high school football players will suffer a concussion or brain injury during the course of a full season.

Oklahoma Passes Regulations to Protect Youth Football Participants

Oklahoma lawmakers have taken action to defend those children and families that still choose to participate in youth football programs at all levels. For example, former Oklahoma governor Brad Henry passed the Youth Sports Concussion Safety Statute in 2010. This law lays out certain protocols to protect the health of youth football players, including:

-The development and adoption of strict concussion guidelines and education programs by school district education boards.

-A mandatory “Informed Consent” form that must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to a youth athlete’s first practice. This consent form includes a concussion and head injury information sheet and must be completed before the beginning of every season.

-The immediate removal of any player suspected of suffering a concussion during a game or practice.

-Mandatory, uniform medical testing must be completed by all participants that wish to return to their sport after leaving with a concussion. This testing must be conducted by a licensed health care provider with specific training in evaluating and treating concussions and brain injuries.

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