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Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot? Liability Can Get Complicated

A slip and fall accident can happen nearly any time. While shopping or even going to work, it’s easy to slip and fall in a parking lot. Because the accident doesn’t happen inside a store or building, figuring out the liability can get complicated. Recently, a professional cellist fell in a grocery store parking lot

Is Dashcam Footage Admissible in Court?

Dashboard cameras (“dashcams”) play a pivotal role on the road these days. More and more drivers have them installed on their dashboards and windshields for various reasons. However, when a driver gets into an accident and a dashcam is recording, can the drivers involved in the crash, insurance companies, and law enforcement consider that recording

Who is Responsible for a Prescription Medication Error?

Medication errors can have a negative and lasting impact on a patient’s health and wellness. Typically referred to adverse drug events (ADE), an ADE occurs when a patient is exposed to a medication and is harmed from that exposure. Not all ADE’s occur because healthcare providers were negligent in their duties to prescribe or distribute

A Personal Injury Deposition – How Intense Will it Be?

When a personal injury lawsuit is filed both the party seeking damages and the party defending the action are looking for information that will support their positions. During the investigative stage of the process, each party can request information from the other in several ways. If the proper procedures are followed each party is allowed

Can You Recover Compensation for PTSD Caused by a Car Accident

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is real. It affects veterans of war, those who have experienced deeply traumatic childhoods, and oftentimes those involved in serious motor vehicle accidents. The topic of PTSD and other mental disorders as a result of accidents is something that has become of increasing importance in the legal world. Studies now show

How Long to File a Lawsuit if a Minor Gets Injured

Back in July 2021, an attorney filed an initial civil relief negligence petition with the Kingfisher County District Court on behalf of a former Kingfisher High School student. The plaintiff was identified as “John Doe No. 1.” in the court filings. The petition was filed about a week before the expiration of Oklahoma’s statute of

The TikTok Driving Generation – Distracted Drivers on Tulsa Roadways

It’s no secret that cell phones are a huge distraction for drivers everywhere. Texting, making phone calls, and following GPS directions can cause a person to miss important activity on the road and then CRASH! But a new player has entered the game: TikTok. The social media platform allows users to record videos and upload

How the Event Data Recorder Affects a Truck Accident Claim

An event data recorder (EDR) is the formal name for a data collecting device commonly known as a ‘black box.’ EDRs monitor vehicle functions and are programmed to begin recording technical vehicle data when certain triggering events occur.  Black box data is often sought during investigations after an airplane crashes. The black box is programmed

What is the role of a personal injury attorney?

Although the U.S. legal system is vast, with tens of thousands of attorneys performing various legal work from writing contracts, to transacting business, and helping with estate planning, one of the most common types of attorneys is the personal injury attorney. What Constitutes Personal Injury? Although a person may experience a personal injury while engaging

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