Metal Hip Implant

Stryker Corp Continues to Deal with Fallout of Defective Medical Equipment

The fallout surrounding the recall of Stryker Corp’s Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular Hip Implants continues despite the announcement of a major settlement agreement in November. The November 3rd settlement offer was an attempt to resolve thousands of claims filed against the company by patients who experienced severe pain and complications after receiving a Stryker

Hip Replacement Manufacturer Agrees To Pay Over $1 Billion in Major Settlement

Stryker Corp, a major manufacturer of artificial hip implants, announced on Monday, November 3rd,  that it has reached a settlement agreement with the thousands of patients that were harmed by their all-metal Rejuvenate and ABG II hip-replacement models. Stryker, a subsidiary of the DePuy division of Johnson & Johnson, originally recalled these models in July

Are you a Victim of a Faulty Metal on Metal Hip Replacement?

Did you know that more than 285,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed each year in the United States?  People suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, and the elderly often decide to get a hip replacement to help ease their pain. However, sometimes patients end up in more pain because of complications with their new metal on

Biomet To Pay $56 Million to Victims of Faulty Hip Replacement System

The experienced attorneys at Graves McLain are no strangers to product liability cases. We represent many victims of defective products, including those who have suffered due to malfunctioning metal-on-metal (MoM) hip replacement systems. Biomet is yet another international MoM manufacturer that is tied up in litigation because of its faulty M2a Magnum Hip System.  Biomet


The attorneys at Graves McLain are currently investigating claims involving the Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide. The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was used during knee replacement surgery in conjunction with the Stryker Triathlon Knee Implant. The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was approved through the FDA’s 501K process in May 2011. In November 2012, Stryker ceased marketing the cutting

FDA Recall: Zimmer Free Lock Femoral Fixation System

On August 26th, 2013 the FDA announced a class 2 recall of the Free Lock Femoral Fixation System for the Zimmer compression hip screw (an orthopedic implant). The Single packaging configuration used for the VERSA-FX-II Femoral Fixation System failed the leak test which compromises the sterility of the product. 85, 794 units were affected by

Class 1 Recall: Stryker Orthopaedics – ShapeMatch Cutting Guide used in Knee Replacements

ISSUE: FDA notified healthcare professionals of a Class 1 recall for this product due to a software defect that results in wider cutting ranges. The parameters of the manufactured cutting guides may not meet the surgeon’s pre-operative planning parameters entered via a web application. Additionally, Stryker Orthopaedics determined that another software defect resulted in the

Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants: Updated Safety Recommendations

Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants: Updated Safety Recommendations The FDA recently provided updated safety information and recommendations to both patients and health care providers about metal-on-metal hip implants. This new safety assessment includes updated risks of metal-on-metal joint replacement devices. This information also takes into account all new medical published literature, as well as the results of

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